My Videos

Here are links to videos of my progress. I learn from them the way pro golfers learn from studying their videos;  seeing what I'm doing right or wrong, and what I can do to improve.

I think it is important for those of you recovering from SCI to also study not just my videos, but to take videos of your own efforts to maximize your progress.

Think positively, give thanks for what you've got, and keep trying!

I had a spinal cord injury 10 years ago and this was my first time walking , just two days ago. I am asking for Ellen's help to help me purchase this exoskeleton suit. its been proven to help SCI people learn how to walk again by repetitive movements. thank you, God Bless!

Posted by Shelly Kerchner on Friday, April 14, 2017

This program is called ReWalk. Shelly is one of only three people who have a C6-C7 spinal cord injury that have done this. Most have have lower level injuries. It was a big day for her!

Posted by Tracy Tredennick on Wednesday, April 12, 2017