Good Morning to all!

August 4 at 5:55am

Today is my last Physical Therapy visit and the start of another chapter in my recovery. I want to share a small part of my learning experience after these last 11 years. First and foremost I have learned to listen to my Inner voice when it comes to what is best for me and my recovery from SCI. Doctors and even some therapist can be negative and thus be a contaminating influence. I must be cautious of it and stop it from affecting my inner dialog.

PT’s and Doctors only know what they are taught in college therefore sometimes unconsciously speak in contaminating ways, with “not wanting to get my hopes up” and such as the following:

“You will never be functional in your walking” this is all relative as to ones definition of functional and quite honestly is hurtful. After my SCI, I was told I would never use my hands along with much more. THEY WERE WRONG. If they had their right to move about freely, they would most certainly view being “functional” differently.

I am blessed with my attitude of gratitude since the day of my injury and my determination, I am where I am today. I alone create my life experience and my reality. Taking ownership of my life means I must continue too cancel all negative thoughts and replace them with the positive! So with that I will continue to put one foot in front of the other and continue on my path of recovery!

Have a wonderful day and never give up!

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