Hi Ladies! Below you can see the brace does bend at the waist, today in PT she showed me how it functions. We can figure it out next Tuesday! My apologies, I was alone in PT today, so no video was taken but I did take 8 exhausting steps! It demanded more energy than my KAFO’S & really made navigating in them seem like “a walk in the park”! I am so much more grateful for them!

One last observation, this pic is from my last fitting in Pittsburg & these kind men were the ones working so hard to get me into the brace….long story short, we could not get the brace on properly because of my lack of abs. Thus the reason & need for me to lay down to get the coreset laced up properly. Maybe in time, when my abs are stronger (thanks to you & my exercises) we can put it on in sitting position!

Timeline for Accomplishing Specific Tasks

  • 2 years until I transferred from chair to toilet, no board & no help!
  • 1 year until I transferred from mat table to chair , without my board!
  • 1 years until I started attempting to tie my shoes. It took 10 years until I was trying them like before my SCI
  • 1 year, I was able to turn my cd player off without using my teeth!
  • 16 months until I could roll on my own
  • 2 years until there was any (visual) movement in my index finger, very minimal but it was a huge accomplishment!
  • 2 years until I was able to get up on my hands & knees
  • 2 1/2 years until I was able to place board & transfer on my own, all the time
  • 2 1/2 had enough strength in my weak hands to change my sheets & make my own bed & started cooking my own meals
  • 2 1/2 years I passed my adaptive driving test & got my license updated!
  • 3 years I swam at UPJ & did not sink! Freedom!!
  • 3 years until I stopped using adaptive silverware & forced myself to use a regular fork to eat
  • 3 years until I dressed myself totally alone, took 45 minutes!
  • 4 years until I could use a normal brush
  • 5 years until I was driving again
  • 6 years until I could hold an umbrella without the wind taking it!
  • 7 years until I had enough strength in my left hand to hold my hairdryer

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