Saying Thank You, Even When You Don’t Mean It

Standing Tall by Shelly Kerchner book cover
Adjusting to life with a spinal cord injury can be overwhelming and this was what I did to cope with my unruly emotions. I hope it helps others who may be struggling! I became a incomplete quadriplegic 12 years ago. At first when I would drop something I had no easy way of picking things up because of being paralyzed from the neck down. It would set off a surge of anger throughout my body. We get what we need when we need it because one day I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she was talking about saying thank you when something would go wrong. Even if you don’t feel like it. I dropped a bottle of pills and I immediately started saying thank you while using my reacher. Even though i didn’t mean it, after 5 minutes of picking up my pills I started to feel better and eventually found myself smiling! Eventually my feelings caught up to my actions. Sometimes we have to fake it to make it. Give this a try, I promise it will eventually work!

2 thoughts on “Saying Thank You, Even When You Don’t Mean It”

  1. Great. Was injured when a car pullled out on my motorcycle a Suzuki gsxr had been riding 2 years with no accident. Had brain bruising broken hip leg pulped arm and t7 fracture. Like u felt lucky to be a surviver.hopefully can walk with walk with braces am in England UK an 39.

    1. Hi Felix,
      I am sure you will walk someday, if that is something you want.
      Have you spoken to your doctor about braces yet? No one told me that was even an option for me so i didn’t start standing then walking until 10 years post injury & lost alot of valuable healing time.

      When I approached my first doctor about braces he protested and said ” you can be a patient the rest of your life or just get on with it”. I KNEW THEN I NEEDED TO FIND A NEW DOCTOR! She agreed with me it was a good idea & within months I was setting records!
      Glad you are here!

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