Update on Walk/Roll on Washington DC

For a few days all of us attending Walk/Roll on DC had one common goal, to improve the lives of all people seeking speech, occupational and physical therapies. The quest for inspiration and equality for all is what brought us together. Some traveled as far away as Iceland and California, sharing personal stories of recovery about themselves and/or loved ones. Myself and others are living life to the fullest with a spinal cord injury and have defied the odds, proving our doctors wrong. Because of everyone’s dedication and hard work, our goal was reached and the therapy caps were removed!

There is still a lot of work to be done. During each of our meetings we asked our legislators to cosponsor H.R. 626, the “Access to Impatient Rehabilitation Therapy Act” of 2017. We want congress to pass legislation to allow physicians to prescribe – and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to cover recreational therapy and activity based therapy. As even today, 12 years later I am benefiting from activity based therapy. Healing is slow but has never stopped as long as I set goals.

We also requested that our senators oppose H.R. 620 or any senate version of the ADA Education and Reform Act. If it becomes harder for individuals to access businesses and public places and it will add a greater hindrance to regaining employment. If the goal is to get people back to work, opposing H.R.620 is a must. Everyone deserves to navigate freely with ease. Lastly, we asked them to oppose any future legislation that chips away at the rights of the disability community, while reaching out to us prior to voting on such legislation.

Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time and energies to support this cause! If you would like to attend, get involved and support our cause please reach out by messaging me or email shelly.kerchner@yahoo.com


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