Walk/Roll on Capitol Hill

Learning how to stand/balance myself is my new accomplishment! My current record is 1 hour 27 minutes. My walking record is 58 minutes. Its nothing short of miraculous! Its been my pleasure to share my progress while proving the doctors wrong. Now its time for me to make a difference in a way that will benefit anyone who needs occupational & physical therapy.

On March 12, 13 and 14th I will be going to DC to talk with legislators. Our focus on removing the “therapy cap” so more people can continue therapy after SCI. The bill we are focused on is S.253. It’s brilliant in its simplicity – permanently repealing caps for physician prescribed physical, speech and occupational therapies. It has 36 co-sponsors.
Special thanks to Kay Lathrop, who is on the committee & has been preparing for the “capital hill” event in March – sponsored by The Quad Foundation and its Warrior Momz Walk (Kay Ledson – warrior mom leader). I was asked to share a brief video & wanted to share it with you. I will also be adding video of me walking which I will take as soon as the snow stops and I can get to the gym! My story is just one of many & I am so excited to participate in the legislative process!
The bill we are focused on is S.253

The link is below.



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